Photographing returning clients is always so much fun, but when they return and ask me to photograph one of the most exciting moments in their life, it means the world to me!

How did they meet? 2012 Senior, Hannah, met Nick through mutual friends. She served ice cream at Paradise Cones and he often craved chocolate shakes in order to see her more often. After looking her up on Facebook, and discovering that they were already friends, he finally got up the nerve to message her. They casually went out for coffee and have been inseparable ever since.

How did he propose? Nick called me a couple of weeks before popping the question. He had almost everything planned; parents approved, ring picked out, and the night planned. We met to iron out the details the day before, and everything fell into place. The bench, very near where he asked her to be his girlfriend, was the perfect spot propose. The Painted Home offered to host their first art project as an engaged couple; he had everything prepared.

When he got to one knee, Hannah couldn’t believe that he was proposing and thought he was joking around. It wasn’t until she saw the ring that she knew this was it! She yelled YES and repeated, “O my gosh!” for the next half an hour. It was adorable and so much fun to be apart of.

We traveled around Downtown Washington, MO to take their photos, and even made a stop back to Paradise Cones, where it all began.


Searching for the perfect way to package your memories is one of my favorite things to do. I recently found these banana leaf boxes and I absolutely love how soft they are and the cute little button closure. Plus they’re a sustainable product! I filled them with natural grasses and rested my new bamboo USB’s on top.

While printing your images are the best for keeping and displaying, Digital Negatives on USB are a perfect way to transport and safe-keep your images. File degradation is next to nothing with USB; whereas, CDs have a low lifespan. If you need help backing up your images, or printing them to last generations, please let me know! I’m happy to help.