Special Delivery, Part 2 | Washington, MO Newborn Photographer

If you follow like my blog, you most likely saw this little guy’s sneak peek a couple of weeks ago. He certainly made quite an entrance, and his time in the womb was nothing short of challenging. I was there the night that he was born. It was nerve-racking, anxiety-ridden, exciting, joyful, and in the end, a COMPLETE miracle. You have to read his mother’s story of his special delivery. Seriously, go read it. And bring tissues. You’ll need them.

Before you look at this photos, I want you to do a little exercise with me.

Hold your hand up in front of your screen. See how big your palm is? This little man’s head is smaller than your palm.

Now look at your thumb. Korbin’s arms are smaller than your thumb.

Incredible, right? I could not get past how small he was and honestly, my camera had a hard time focusing on all this tiny little parts. At two weeks old, he was still just 5 lbs small.

If you have a 5lb sack of potatoes, go pick it up. He felt smaller than that. Like a little football. So tiny & precious!

Thanks, Schweitzer family for honoring me with capturing your little miracle! He is such a gift. Welcome to the world, Korbin!


Korbin came up with this pose all on his own. It must have been just how he laid in his mommy’s tummy – legs spread out! He received the little hat from the nurses in the NICU. Isn’t it cute?

While he spent time in the NICU, his siblings went to Build-a-Bear to create this lovie for him. I think it will be fun to compare how big he grows over the years to his bear, to how small he was at birth. And how appropriate that he is #4 of the kids, too! (The jersey is Yadi’s number #4)

  • Lindsay

    gah! gorgeous photos, all of them! What a TOTAL DOLL! He is perfect. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie

    Totally in awe. What an incredible gift. Reminds me of just how tiny Amelia was too when she was born. She was 4lb 9 oz. when we left the hospital. Korbin is so precious! God is an awesome God!ReplyCancel

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