Ashley & Tom | Augusta, MO Wedding Photographer

undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedIt’s easy to see why Ashley keeps Tom around; the man knows how to make her laugh.
undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedThey worked so hard for this shot. It was pretty funny seeing Ashley try to match Tom’s height. She is already a foot shorter than him, but I think she held her own. 🙂


Washington, MO

(Wedding) Augusta, MO – July 16, 2011

(Engaged) October 31, 2010

(Together Since) March 2009

Ashley – Teacher & Track & Field Coach @ Hillcrest High School, Springfield, MO

Tom – Teacher & Coach to many, many teams but ..going back to school in the fall!

How they met, as told by Ashley, “A friend of mine asked if I wanted to go to a basketball game, and when I got there she said, “There is someone I want you to meet.” Tom was playing and for the next several games, I kept going back to watch him play.   I was totally set up!”

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