Long time, No Post | Washington, MO Portrait Photographer

This blog thing has had me puzzled for months. Jquery, JavaScript, errors out what wazoo (non-technical Sarah term)….it’s just been a mess! Last March my MacBookPro’s hard drive decided to crash. I had a back up only a few hours before hand from the lovely Time Machine, but it was a pain in the patootee no less. I got it fixed, and all of a sudden I couldn’t post photos to my blog. I never connected the two problems until yesterday when it dawned on me that the dates were the same. So, off to the Genius Bar at Apple and they fixed it right up. They make everything look so simple! Grrr.

So back to my posts. . . I have photos galore to share with you, but LOOK AT THIS!!

I was introduced by my friend Khara to cinemagraphs. Kinda like in Harry Potter? So So cool. You can view more HERE or HERE.

I’m definitely going to make this something I have to try this year. Love!

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