Jules’ 6th Birthday | Washington, MO Family Photographer

When it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted, please don’t think that it’s quiet around here. Actually, it means that it’s really busy and I haven’t found the time to post.

This week, I’ll host my first Pixels:101 Class at The Art Center in downtown Washington, MO. This class is full, but be on the look out for more in the future. It’s been really popular now that (it seems) everyone and their brother has a dSLR but isn’t sure how to use it. This is a casual class to learn how to confidently capture images, without keeping it in automatic mode.

I will also be hosting my first Boudoir Event at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel. Contact me for more details – I still have a couple spots open.

Meanwhile, this week we celebrated our little girl’s 6th Birthday! Every time I look at her, I still can’t imagine that she is six years old, but she is and feels the need to remind us everyday. “Mom, I’m six now. I can _______” (insert something new she can do) Last weekend we went to have her ears pierced; something she’s asked to do for months now. We told her she had to wait until she was six and that seemed a long time away, but it snuck up on us. She did really, really well and only flinched for a second. She jumped up and down, hugging her friend like she had just won the Super Bowl. It was really cute.
We had a wonderful Tangled theme birthday party. If you still haven’t seen it, find a theater that still has it playing and go. It’s one of the cutest Disney films since Nemo, in my opinion. She had six giggly girls spend the night, for her 1st overnight. My Mom & Dad made a gorgeous cake. She received flowers from Maui from Dave’s parents – they’re beautiful! We ate her favorite pizza, from Imo’s. I searched for lanterns to hang from our ceiling (per her request) and came across these that made the party really special. It was a very fun & memorable night! Happy Birthday, Jules!

  • Lindsay Powell

    Wow. Six. Jules, stop growing up, you’re making ME tear up. Seeing the lanterns and their little faces made me cry. love it. GORGEOUS cake gma/pa. Love her bday outfit, what a perfect birthday 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Aunt Angeli

    Awesome party theme! Adorable birthday girl in ALL her outfits. Fabulous idea of the lanterns. I’m going to get some for Gabby’s birthday and a few other occasions. Thanks for sharing. Hugs from GAAReplyCancel

  • Nice pictures! Hard to pick a favorite…either the lantern shots or wrestle-mania!ReplyCancel

  • CoCo

    Very cute! I love the one of Brianna taking on the boys. That was so funny. Mike and I had a great time!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    The lanterns are amazing! I want to do this!!!ReplyCancel

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